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Our firm, the Florida Investment Marketing, INC, is a professional real estate firm in Florida, with American experience from 1992 and European presence with overseas customers from 1998. We provide a full range of services to our clients throughout the process of purchasing their Florida real estates, either for personal usage or as an investment. We prepare personalized offers of properties for those who are interested in buying a home anywhere in Florida and at any purchase price.

We assure that our clients' investments in Florida are safe, lawful, secure and conceived with integrity.

Our goal is that our clients find the best properties based on their goals and needs, and their investments that bring the highest profit for them, and they feel at home in Florida!

We offer properties at well-liked locations, near Florida’s attractions, where the investment property can be rented, and the owner can enjoy its profit. It is also significant, that the property’s value should increase and stay satisfactory for resale

Our access to an up-to- date database of real estate on the market in the entire state of Florida facilitates wide selection of offers that meets our clients’ full expectations. We have excellent personal relationships with developers, constructors, sales office managers at the most desirable locations, and we use our connections to the advantage of our clients. We offer single family houses, condominiums, town houses, luxury real estate and commercial properties (restaurants, offices, warehouses, retail stores, etc.) in all styles, sizes and price range throughout Florida.

We represent your interest. We compare the properties, negotiate the price and the best circumstances, arrange the inspection of the property. At purchase, there is no fee for us!

We guarantee full confidentiality, security and access to the full spectrum of resources in the field of real estate in Florida

Our mission is to earn and retain the confidence of our clients and build a long term relationship with them.

Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, West Palm Beach

Miami is known worldwide: ocean, lavish skyscrapers, famous stars, entertainment, vibrant life.

Orlando - Disney and the City of Beautiful

Micky Mouse, Pluto, waterparks, entertainment, NASA, car-racing, etc . in Orlando and its surrounding areas.

The first settlement of the United States - St. Augustine

You may get younger by the Fountain of Youth in St. Augustine.

The Magical Islands of the Keys

Most southern part of the US. Islands, watersports, corals, Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico, Hemingway.

Tampa, Clearwater, St. Petersburg

Excellent location and roadways, booming commerce, studying, culture, entertainment, Gulf of Mexico etc.

South of Tampa, Along the Golf of Mexico

Big cities, seashores, golfing, cultural and sport programs, wide variety of entertainment etc.

Playing golf and tennis, enjoying the nature all year long

Golf is very popular in Florida; 18-36 hole golf courses in for fun, practice, and competitions.

Yachts, ocean, watersports

Beautiful ocean, white-sandy seashores, sightseeing and dolphin tours on yachts; kayak, jetski, surf.




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