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Golf, Tennis, Beautiful Environment All Year Long

Időjárásának, valamint csodálatos természeti adottságainak köszönhetően Florida a golfozók legkedveltebb állama az USA-ban akár kikapcsolódás, akár versenyszerű golfozás a cél. A sport kedvéért az ország - és világ - minden részéről eljönnek a játékosok, és a golfpályához közel bérelnek ingatlant. A professzionális sportolók hetekig tartó edzőtáboraikat szintén Floridában tartják.
There are almost 1,200 golf courses for players of every skill level, satisfying everyone’s needs and wish. The courses can range from 18 to 36 holes, and are in natural subtropical environment, surrounded by trees lakes, white-sand and beautifully maintained lawns. Many are in residential neighborhoods, where players can reach the course on foot or on his or her own golf cart within minutes.
The well-known golf course designer, Arthur Hills, has created golf paradises all over the world. In Florida, he designed the golf courses in Bradenton's RiverStrand, where property owners and short-term renters keep the courses busy throughout the year. Another great course is in the ChampionsGate residential community in Orlando, which was designed by Greg Norman to be suitable for national and international competitions. Naples’ Treviso Bay community also well-liked by golfers.

There are excellent golf courses all over Florida; Naples has 70, Orlando 40, Kissimee and Lake Buena Vista about 20, Sarasota and Bradenton have almost 50, Miami and its close surroundings have close to 30, Tampa 20, and Clearwater and St. Petersburg have approximately 10 golf courses. Also, there are mini golf-courses invite the visitors of all ages, for instance Pirate’s Cove in Orlando, Ace Miniature Golf in Tampa, and the Congo River in Clearwater.

Purchasing properties at a golf paradise and renting them out—especially for short-term—make for excellent investments!

Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, West Palm Beach

Miami is known worldwide: ocean, lavish skyscrapers, famous stars, entertainment, vibrant life.

Orlando - Disney and the City of Beautiful

Micky Mouse, Pluto, waterparks, entertainment, NASA, car-racing, etc . in Orlando and its surrounding areas.

The first settlement of the United States - St. Augustine

You may get younger by the Fountain of Youth in St. Augustine.

The Magical Islands of the Keys

Most southern part of the US. Islands, watersports, corals, Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico, Hemingway.

Tampa, Clearwater, St. Petersburg

Excellent location and roadways, booming commerce, studying, culture, entertainment, Gulf of Mexico etc.

South of Tampa, Along the Golf of Mexico

Big cities, seashores, golfing, cultural and sport programs, wide variety of entertainment etc.

Playing golf and tennis, enjoying the nature all year long

Golf is very popular in Florida; 18-36 hole golf courses in for fun, practice, and competitions.

Yachts, ocean, watersports

Beautiful ocean, white-sandy seashores, sightseeing and dolphin tours on yachts; kayak, jetski, surf.




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