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Yacht, Beach, Watersports

People can enjoy Florida’s sunshine, subtropical climate, and pleasant breezes from countless types of vessels. Because the Sunshine State has more shoreline than any of the other contiguous United States, there are an abundance of ships and yachts. Boaters can dine at restaurants in marinas that are reachable by ship (like marinas in Sarasota, for instance). Pleasant sightseeing yachts depart from the marinas and offer passengers the opportunity to marvel at unobstructed sunsets while they enjoy delicious meals (e.g., Clearwater, St. Petersburg, Ft. Myers, Marco Island etc.). Yachts can be rented to celebrate parties, weddings, or holidays with friends and loved ones. Travelers can discover Florida’s cities by sailing from port to port, or they can appreciate marine life by embarking on dolphin or manatee tours (e.g., Florida Aquarium, Tarpon Springs etc). Many waterfront properties feature yacht marinas (e.g., Apollo Beach, Ft. Lauderdale, Tampa), where the boat owners can dock their vessels on their own properties and set sail whenever they please.

Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, West Palm Beach

Miami is known worldwide: ocean, lavish skyscrapers, famous stars, entertainment, vibrant life.

Orlando - Disney and the City of Beautiful

Micky Mouse, Pluto, waterparks, entertainment, NASA, car-racing, etc . in Orlando and its surrounding areas.

The first settlement of the United States - St. Augustine

You may get younger by the Fountain of Youth in St. Augustine.

The Magical Islands of the Keys

Most southern part of the US. Islands, watersports, corals, Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico, Hemingway.

Tampa, Clearwater, St. Petersburg

Excellent location and roadways, booming commerce, studying, culture, entertainment, Gulf of Mexico etc.

South of Tampa, Along the Golf of Mexico

Big cities, seashores, golfing, cultural and sport programs, wide variety of entertainment etc.

Playing golf and tennis, enjoying the nature all year long

Golf is very popular in Florida; 18-36 hole golf courses in for fun, practice, and competitions.

Yachts, ocean, watersports

Beautiful ocean, white-sandy seashores, sightseeing and dolphin tours on yachts; kayak, jetski, surf.




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